The Center for Complexity and Emerging Technologies (COMET) is an interdisciplinary research laboratory under the Advanced Research Institute for Informatics, Computing, and Networking (AdRIC) at De La Salle University. Our mission is to enhance our understanding of emergent phenomena in real-life systems (i.e. cities, mobility), sociotechnical systems (i.e. social networking sites, Wikipedia), and human-computer interactions. We develop computational models which are then used in the design of interactive tools, information systems, and interaction techniques.

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WHOA 2021

A scatter plot that shows the activity of banned subreddit users before and after the ban.

When the Echo Chamber Shatters: Examining the Use of Community-Specific Language Post-Subreddit Ban

Milo Trujillo, Sam Rosenblatt, Guillermo de Anda Jáuregui, Emily Moog, Briane Paul V. Samson, Laurent Hébert-Dufresne & Allison M. Roth

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CHI 2021

Interface for compareing schedules.

Using Boolean Satisfiability Solvers to Help Reduce Cognitive Load and Improve Decision Making when Creating Common Academic Schedules

Joshua C. Manzano, Adrienne Francesca O. Soliven, Antonio Miguel B. Llamas, Shenn Margareth V. Tinsay, Briane Paul V. Samson & Rafael A. Cabredo

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Philippine Science Letters

Philippine Journal of Science

CHI 2020 Late-Breaking Work - Hawai'i, USA

Philippine Journal of Science

CHI 2019 - Glasgow, Scotland UK


An online tool for chemical reaction network analysis.

CRNT Polyglot

An online tool to convert differential equations to chemical reactions in CoNtRol, ERNEST, and CRNToolbox formats.

An visualization about evacuation centers.


An interactive visualization that explores the suitability of evacuation centers in Marikina City, Philippines. Grand Prize winner of the VizRisk Challenge 2019.