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About the Research

Welcome to the website of our project DevOpsX. This site shall contain relevant information regarding its formative paper entitled “Grit: Discovering Features Towards Supporting Novice Programmer DevOps Integration” which was submitted and has been accepted (with shepherding) to the Asian CHI Sympossium 2020.

Research Motivation

The project aims to investigate, understand and support Filipino Novice Programmers in enabling them to integrate DevOps in their practices as early as possible.

Legend and Navigation

  1. About - details about the project team members and their contact info.
  2. Question - list of questions, formats used in the data collection during its formative study phase
  3. Results - shows the collated (and visualized) results from the respondents. Participant info and other identifiers have been removed.
  4. Screenshots - shows the designs of the initial prototype