The Center for Complexity and Emerging Technologies (COMET) is an interdisciplinary research laboratory under the Advanced Research Institute for Informatics, Computing, and Networking (AdRIC) at De La Salle University. Our mission is to enhance our understanding of emergent phenomena in real-life systems (i.e. cities, mobility), sociotechnical systems (i.e. social networking sites, Wikipedia), and human-computer interactions. We develop computational models which are then used in the design of interactive tools, information systems, and interaction techniques.

Recent Publications

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CHI 2020 Late-Breaking Work - Hawai'i, USA

Philippine Journal of Science

CHI 2019 - Glasgow, Scotland UK

CHIuXiD 2019 - Bali, Indonesia

Flow, a mobile musical composition tool

Applying User-Centered Techniques in the Design of a Usable Mobile Musical Composition Tool

Kevin Gray Chan, Jordan Aiko Deja, John Patrick Tobias, Allen Vincent Gonzales & Migo Andres Dancel

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TREX, a virtual sandbox for building machine learning models

On Building Design Guidelines For An Interactive Machine Learning Sandbox Application

Giselle Nodalo, Jose Ma Santiago III, Jolene Valenzuela & Jordan Aiko Deja

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360-view video stitched from crowd sourced videos

A Research through Design (Rtd) Approach in the Design of a 360-Video Platform Interface

Brian Michael Poblete, Emir Christopher Mendoza, Julian Paolo De Castro, Jordan Aiko Deja & Giselle Nodalo

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HCII 2019 - Las Vegas, USA

Flow, a mobile musical composition tool

Flow: A Musical Composition Tool Using Gesture Interactions and Musical Metacreation

Jordan Aiko Deja, Kevin Gray Chan, Migo Andres Dancel, Allen Vincent Gonzales & John Patrick Tobias

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Myo for Sign Language

MyoSL: A Framework for Measuring Usability of Two-Arm Gestural Electromyography for Sign Language

Jordan Aiko Deja, Patrick Arceo, Darren Goldwin David, Patrick Lawrence Gan & Ryan Christopher Roque

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ICCS 2018 - Wuxi, China

Generated stops of Gridlock

Optimizing the Efficiency, Vulnerability and Robustness of Road-based Para-transit Networks using Genetic Algorithm

Briane Paul V. Samson, Gio Anton Velez, Joseph Ryan Nobleza, David Sanchez & Jan Tristan Milan

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Asian CHI Symposium 2018 - Montreal, Canada

Sample website used for the model

Automating Heuristic Evaluation of Websites Using Convolutional Neural Networks

Austin Ryan Fernandez, Jordan Aiko Deja & Briane Paul V. Samson

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Mechatronics and Machine Vision in Practice 3

System architecture to identify height and tiller segmentation

Towards an Automated Plant Height Measurement and Tiller Segmentation of Rice Crops using Image Processing

Karol Paulette Constantino, Elisha Jeremy Gonzales, Lordd Michael Lazaro, Ellen Chelsea Serrano & Briane Paul V. Samson

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Cleaned image of a rice plant

Towards an Automated, High-Throughput Identification of the Greenness and Biomass of Rice Crops

Rhett Jason Buzon, Louis Timothy Dumlao, Micaela Angela Mangubat, Jan Robert Villarosa & Briane Paul V. Samson

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CHIuXiD 2018 - Yogyakarta, Indonesia

EEG signals while watching a draft commercial

Using EEG Emotion Models in Viewer Experience Design: An Exploratory Study

Jordan Aiko Deja & Rafael Cabredo

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Guitar strumming movement while wearing Myo

Building Guitar Strum Models for an Interactive Air Guitar Prototype

John Edel Tamani, Jan Christian Blaise Cruz, Joshua Raphaelle Cruzada, Jolene Valenzuela, Kevin Gray Chan & Jordan Aiko Deja

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ICCS 2017 - Zurich, Switzerland

Annotated video screen capture of a station's concourse area

Crowd Dynamics and Control in High-Volume Metro Rail Stations

Briane Paul V. Samson, Crisanto Aldanese IV, Deanne Moree Chan, Jona Joyce San Pascual & Ma. Victoria Sido

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PCSC 2017 - Cebu, Philippines

Snippet of the agent-based model for MRT3

Analyzing Congestion Dynamics in Mass Rapid Transit using Agent-Based Modeling

Briane Paul V. Samson, Cymon Marcaida, Eloisa Gervasio, Ravi Militar & Jerome Ibañez

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Snippet of the agent-based model for MRT3

Towards Modeling Guitar Chord Fretboard Finger Positioning using Electromyography

Jordan Aiko Deja, John Patrick Tobias, Ryan Christopher Roque, Darren Goldwin David & Kevin Gray Chan

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An online tool for chemical reaction network analysis.

CRNT Polyglot

An online tool to convert differential equations to chemical reactions in CoNtRol, ERNEST, and CRNToolbox formats.

An visualization about evacuation centers.


An interactive visualization that explores the suitability of evacuation centers in Marikina City, Philippines.